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Our present exhibition started Saturday 4th July until Weds 2nd Sept and is the art of Susan Derges, Peter Randall-Page, Amy Shelton, Sally Vergette and Marcus Vergette is inspired by the natural world – trees and plants, river systems and deltas, vascular and neural networks. Their work shows the shared concern for a world that needs to be seen as interconnected, whole and web-like in the relationships of all living things, including ourselves, within it.       Go to the exhibition pages to find out more.

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Come and see our new stock at Green Hill. We have some lovely textile items handmade by Charlie Deighton including gorgeous Liberty & Pure Wool Felt Corsage, pin jars and lavendar bags. Our gallery shop has an the extensive range of arts and crafts including artists cards and prints, beautifully handmade ceramics, stunning jewellery, leather, wood craft and carefully picked gifts as well as books and kits for our present exhibition! Shop open 10am-4pm daily except Sundays and Mondays.


ARTISTIC DIRECTOR AND CHAIR OF GREEN HILL ARTS GROUP -From January 2016 but to work in a “shadow” role from October 2015. Interviews in September 2015 THIS IS AN HONORARY POSITION
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