Current exhibition

Common Ground

From : Mar 7, 2015 to : Apr 22, 2015

This exhibition shows a selection of the current work of Trevor Felcey and Danny Holmes-Adams. Both share a love of the land and make visual statements about the world we live in.

Trevor and Danny met over 16 years ago. Danny was a university student on a painting trip to Dartmoor and Trevor, his teacher, opened Danny's eyes to the landscape.

In this show 'Common Ground', Trevor presents the act of refining an idea with exploratory drawings and paintings. This is a chance to see the workings of an experienced and well-known artists practice: a sort of diary of a picture, akin to a visit to the studio.


Danny's paintings show nature in her wildness and his subject is the final glow of dusk. Up on the moors he can be seen either trudging along with his canvas resembling a sail, or set up, guy ropes holding his picture in place on his easel.  When painting Danny becomes so engrossed in the moment and his surroundings that he often comes to when the light fades with his paint smudged battered waxed jacket soaked through. These pictures are created from fleeting memories or moments; rekindled, made alive and immortalised in paint and have a life all of their own.

The exhibition is open daily 10am-4pm from Tuesday to Saturday and starts on  7th March continuing until 22nd April. Entry free.


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