Current exhibition

Nature Revealed - Contemporary Botanical Art

From : Jul 5, 2014 to : Sep 10, 2014

Jess Carr, Georgia Danvers,  Catherine Day, Pam Hargreaves, Rosie Martin, Wendy Ramirez, Vivienne Rew, Julia Trickey  and  Kate Wilson

You‘re in for a surprise at Green Hill Arts this summer. The gallery will be filled with deeply observed work, from Rosie Martin’s sensual; ‘Bird of Paradise’ to Wendy Ramirez’s delicate lichens.

Rosie Martin, a well established botanical painter, says;
I think of both landscape and botanical subjects in terms of bodies, what they are like; their essence, their habits and attitudes...For me, plants have human characteristics and my quest is to extract these and to display them in paintings as best I can.  From the sinister to the elegant, the flamboyant to the understated… plants can remind me of sinuous lap-dancers, ballroom dancing pairs, scarecrows, the elderly, and the youthful and so on ad infinitum.  This is my drive, my focus. I rarely see plants any other way.”

The nine artists are all members of the South West Society of Botanical Artists.  Highly individual in their approach, they never lose sight of the traditional values of botanical painting; scientific truth, accuracy and fine aesthetic presentation. It is this disciplined, methodical attention to their subject matter that makes the work so vibrant, fresh and alive.

You can pick up a brochure from Green Hill or the Moretonhampstead Information centre for a brochure. Please also look at our events section for workshops and courses running alongside the exhibition.

Please note* The exhibition is open every day except Mondays from Saturday 5th July to Wednesday 10th September 10am - 4pm. Admission free.

Green Hill Arts is funded by the Arts Council

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