Current exhibition

Peter Stiles and Stephen Park

From : Nov 15, 2014 to : Dec 23, 2014

Two artists who are fascinated with shape. In Peter Stiles' paintings the overall structure or composition is paramount; in Stephen Park's drawings the focus is on an accumulation of invention.

If Park is like an improvising musician then Stiles can be compared to a songwriter.

Peter Stiles

'There has to be an endless flow from one part of the picture to another with no break in continuity. The picture only works where the flow of the picture is like a gust of wind and seperate parts of the picture transform into a living unity.'

Stephen Park

'About three years ago I decided to stop editing and began planning and executing simultaneously on one sheet of paper, until it was full. It's been very satisfying; the shapes cross-pollinated provoking a kind of 'evolution'.

'I like every shape to be intentional and precise as I can muster, and to suggest something but seldom represent anything. I am mostly interested in its curves, corners, the pattern of its edge, and the direction it points in.'

The exhibition continues until Saturday 20th December. Open Tues-Sat 10am-4pm.

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